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SCCI employs an award winning team; our team embodies the company founder’s core philosophy to always think outside the box, with a persistent focus of getting things done and deliver, no matter how challenging the circumstances. Our experience and proven performance in large diameter pile driving, whether horizontal or vertical, is a testament of the team members experience we employ. Each one of our team members has been recruited because of their vast and demonstrated skills and commitment to their profession. We are proud to have on our team the best design engineers in the industry that have been involved with all of our installations to date. From start to finish, we focus on seeing the job through to the satisfaction of our clients.

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Used Equipment Sales

SCCI regularly comes in touch with associates in Europe that have piling equipment available for sale. With Europe's high labor rates, the design of these units are usually such that they have very high production rates while efficient in the use of support labor. The piling industry in Northern Europe is very competitive, and state of the art designs involving contractors giving feed back to manufacturers.


SCCI's interest is to advance the US industry of driven pilings, either vertical or horizontal, by bringing  the availability of this equipment to the attention of our US customers and partners. If interest is indicated through the contact-us page link SCCI will bring the parties together. Ultimately the equipment is sold by the European partner of SCCI, and sold on a as-is / where-is basis. SCCI will not be responsible for its condition or final pricing. SCCI can assist its customers in the USA with sourcing of Piling related equipment in Europe on a Consultant basis.

For more information regarding our services and / or available equipment, please use the form on our Contact Us page.

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