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SCCI employs an award winning team; our team embodies the company founder’s core philosophy to always think outside the box, with a persistent focus of getting things done and deliver, no matter how challenging the circumstances. Our experience and proven performance in large diameter pile driving, whether horizontal or vertical, is a testament of the team members experience we employ. Each one of our team members has been recruited because of their vast and demonstrated skills and commitment to their profession. We are proud to have on our team the best design engineers in the industry that have been involved with all of our installations to date. From start to finish, we focus on seeing the job through to the satisfaction of our clients.

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Health, Safety & Environment [HSE]

Safety is our highest priority at SCCI, and we are safety-conscious in everything we do. We work hard to achieve a zero accident rate on all our projects. Trenchless installations are a process that is almost exclusively utilized to minimize the environmental impact on sensitive areas. We regularly operate in environments and ecosystems in which environmental preservation is the first priority. The HPD system by design is environmentally responsible, as there are no drilling fluids or lubricants needed to advance our casing pipes that, as with other competing methods, could become an environmental hazard in the event of a spillage. This is important because the majority of past HPD installations have been for Fish-and Wild life passages. Our in-house motto towards all of our project installations is to leave the areas we perform our installations in just as they were found.

SCCI’s Safety Commitment

No Injuries to People – No Damage to Property - No Harm to the Environment

Noise, or unwanted sound, is one of the most common occupational hazards in construction workplaces. Due to the nature of our equipment used, on all of its jobsites SCCI’s requires, during active hammer operations, all present to wear double ear protection. All employees in responsible charge involved with the installation wear noise-cancelling communication equipment in order to be able to safely communicate with each other during the operation of the HPD system.


Because of the massive forces exerted by the HPD system no body is allowed within 30-ft of the installation site. SCCI uses multiple remote cameras part of a monitoring system, which allows the operator to observe and monitor all major components of the HPD system remotely from the operators control container during the casing installation cycles of the project.


At the end of the day, people take precedence over everything else. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, we hold the safety and health of our employees, general contractors, clients, visitors, public and the environment as our highest core value. Most of its installations are designated as confined space under OSHA regulations. All of SCCI’s employees are confined space certified.

Briefing prior to the start of a project, inspections and daily “toolbox talks” — on-site project reviews — keep everyone in step with the most recent developments. SCCI’s management firmly believes that all accidents are preventable. Immediate action is taken in the event of non-compliance.


Our policy is put into effect through our Health, Safety, Environment [HSE] program, which is part of SCCI’s employee handbook. SCCI’s project management accepts responsibility for the effective implementation and communication of the HSE program and the provision of the necessary resources, training, supervision and visible support to ensure a safe and healthy working environment at all times.


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