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SCCI employs an award winning team; our team embodies the company founder’s core philosophy to always think outside the box, with a persistent focus of getting things done and deliver, no matter how challenging the circumstances. Our experience and proven performance in large diameter pile driving, whether horizontal or vertical, is a testament of the team members experience we employ. Each one of our team members has been recruited because of their vast and demonstrated skills and commitment to their profession. We are proud to have on our team the best design engineers in the industry that have been involved with all of our installations to date. From start to finish, we focus on seeing the job through to the satisfaction of our clients.

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About Us

SCCI specializes in large diameter casing [60-inches up to 192-inches] installations with their patented “Horizontal Pile Driving” [HPD™] method. The system itself and the engineering work associated with this method are described on our Equipment page.


The energy developed by the HPD driver provides a solid horizontal impact force that advances the casing at a high rate without displacing the surrounding soils. Unlike with high frequency pneumatic driving devices that employ a high frequency [180-220 BPM] and a relatively low impact force, the HPD drivers operate at a low frequency [30-45 BPM] with a very high impact force [up to 6 Million pounds of trust]. This makes for very fast installation times. As a result of the foregoing, the HPD system is able to drive large diameter casings through soil conditions that pneumatic hammers typically can’t.


Depending on the requirements of the project, and its soil conditions, an optional steering attachment is available for distances over 120-lf.


For any particular project, SCCI can provide the geotechnical-and structural design from the initial planning to the final execution of the project. Expert supervision and operating personnel is available to help a contractor self-perform a successful installation using his own labor and support equipment.


The company is currently marketing different HPD™ systems on a rental basis.


In addition to the HPD casing installation, a TDM excavation system with a battery operated muck train is available to remove the soil plug upon completion of driving the casing. The TDM can be outfitted with a hydraulic breaker in the event large boulders are expected to be encountered during the drive that may need to be broken up during the installation process.


For more information regarding our services and / or available equipment, please use the form on our Contact Us page.

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