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SCCI employs an award winning team; our team embodies the company founder’s core philosophy to always think outside the box, with a persistent focus of getting things done and deliver, no matter how challenging the circumstances. Our experience and proven performance in large diameter pile driving, whether horizontal or vertical, is a testament of the team members experience we employ. Each one of our team members has been recruited because of their vast and demonstrated skills and commitment to their profession. We are proud to have on our team the best design engineers in the industry that have been involved with all of our installations to date. From start to finish, we focus on seeing the job through to the satisfaction of our clients.

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SCCI Horizontal Pile Driving [HPD™]

"Tunneling Faster"

Robert Verkyk founded SCCI in late 2002 after recognizing the need for reliable equipment and expertise capable of installing large diameter [up to 192-inch, long distance up to 500-ft] casings under freeways, highways, railroad crossings and under [rough] ocean surf for raw water intakes and effluent outfalls. Verkyk initiated an extensive research development effort during 2001-2002 that included simulations using modified wave-equation software, scaled horizontal test drives in the Netherlands monitored with pile driving analysis equipment, and modeling of the field data using signal-matching software. Verkyk also invented a reliable guidance system to direct the placement of a casing along any desired alignment and grade.


As a result of Verkyk’s work and field casing installation data supporting the theoretical and test studies, it became apparent that every large-bore horizontal casing installation could be accurately engineered, eliminating guesswork and increasing substantially the probability of achieving successful results. Verkyk trademarked this process as  “Horizontal Pile Driving” [HPD™] and has marketed this method since 2002. The method is patented in the U.S. and 161 other countries around the world. Click here for more information.

How is HPD™ different from air-powered ramming machines?

HPD™ uses a hydraulic-powered, compressed nitrogen system that comes in various sizes, ranging from 90 kNm with outputs up to 280 kNm of energy.


This system is substantially more powerful than air ramming machines of the same piston size, considering the largest pneumatic air rammer currently on the market developing approximately 40 kNm.


Additionally; the following benefits are inherent to the HPD™ system:


§ HPD™ is [optional] steerable and can achieve typical pipe placement accuracies

   within ½” from target on 200 ft. long drives.


§ HPD™ can operate under less than 85 dB to meet environmental noise



§ HPD™ can install large casings at an average rate of 25-35 ft. per hour over the

   entire length of a typical casing.


§ HPD™ is powerful enough to drive through blasted basalt fill and boulders.


§ HPD™ never requires casing lubrication.


§ HPD™ does not need a back stop.


§ HPD™ drivers operate at 30-45 BPM, with ultra high impact energy. Typical air  

          hammers operated at a relative high frequency, 180-220 BPM and relative low  

          impact energy. This means with HPD less BPM per foot means less chances of

          subsidence due to less vibrations over the length of the pipe.


HPD™ comes with a computer simulation based on the wave-equation for each particular installation that has been historically accurate within 3-4% of predicting the amount of energy [and therefore the machine size] required to install a casing. Machines available in capacities 90 kNm, 150 kNm, 200 kNm and 280 kNm.

SCCI Forced Resonance Free Method [FRF™]

In 2004 SCCI introduced into the U.S. market the Forced Resonance Free [FRF™] method for installing vertical and mass sheet piling. SCCI has designed and successfully installed many vertical mass sheet and H-piling projects using this method that noticeably reduces vibration and accelerates pile installation progress, as it is 4-5 times faster than conventional methods. SCCI employed this method to install one mile of sheet piling in less than two weeks on an emergency repair project for the US Army Corps of Engineers to repair damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2006.

Thank you for your interest in our company and our advanced horizontal and vertical piling installation systems. The purpose of offering this equipment and our expert knowledge is to help advance the industry and present innovative means and methods that are economical, fast, accurate, safe and offer lower risk [through engineered predictability] than currently available air-powered ramming technologies. 


Our services and equipment are available on an operated rental basis, supported with experienced supervision to ensure fast, safe, and successful installations on your project, without the need for a significant capital investment.


Additionally, SCCI is looking for interested contractors to become exclusively licensed installers in North America, as well as other countries worldwide. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

For more information regarding our services and / or available equipment, please use the form on our Contact Us page.

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